[The 90’s raw: Bighorn Convention, Organic Gardener, “Clean” Dan Grandusky, bison]

Raw tape for the award-winning series The 90's. Raw footage from the Bighorn Society Convention, an interview with an organic gardener, an interview with a rock climber and window washer, and shots of bison.

00:00Copy video clip URL Shots of videomaker Jim Sternfield’s child.

00:45Copy video clip URL At the 15th annual Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society Convention in Denver, Colorado. A lot of shots of stuffed, mounted heads of bighorn sheep. Convention patrons are interviewed about the restrictions placed on bighorn hunters, the taste of bighorn meat –“a well-kept secret”–, and good areas to photograph the sheep.

21:40Copy video clip URL A more notable interview with a bighorn taxidermist, who says the taste of the meat is sweet, and then briefly explains the taxidermy process.

25:00Copy video clip URL A short interview with an organic gardener. He talks about various aspects of organic gardening, including organic seed, and a soil turning technique called “double digging.”

28:07Copy video clip URL An interview with “Clean” Dan Grandusky, a rock climber who uses his climbing skills to make a living as a window washer, high-altitude light bulb changer, and building decorator. He talks while washing windows. He calls what he does “industrial alpinism,” likening the urban skyline and its buildings to a mountain range with peaks and valleys. He likens the efforts to save the environment to World War III and talks about environmental issues, saying, “I think that we are the last generation that can really save the planet.” Includes shots of the Denver skyline.

45:12Copy video clip URL Shots from a car driving down the highway, and then of bison in an enclosed pasture next to a highway, and people interacting with the buffalo and taking photos.

57:26Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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