[The 90’s raw: Gatewood Galbraith]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Interview with Gatewood Galbraith, Democratic gubernatorial candidate from Kentucky and marijuana legalization advocate. He talks at length about the benefits Kentuckians would gain from licensing marijuana as a cash crop and about the usefulness of hemp.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape opens with footage from the interior of a car in the rain, and the passenger and driver test the sound. The camera cuts to footage on a highway with a lot of wind noise.

01:40Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to Galbraith’s face. He sits on a couch, and speaks with a Southern accent. The camera is close on his face. Interviewer Tom Weinberg asks where the ’90s are headed, and Galbraith talks about how environmental activists will be taking over. He says he is running in the primary, and he plans to be cutting edge, and talks about his support of marijuana. “I believe that marijuana should be licensed and regulated as a cash crop and let our farmers make this money…”

03:58Copy video clip URL Galbraith talks about the plight of the farmer, and the changes in the past century to the nuclear family and farming. He then talks about synthetic waste being created nowadays. He then tells us the history of petroleum, and how at first it was a “nuisance.” He talks about how hemp can be used to make everything that petroleum is used for, including TNT. “The problem is that the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries control this country. Hemp is the greatest product. Hemp IS petroleum. It’s no coincidence that in 1937 when hemp was outlawed, nylon was patented. The true battle on this planet today is between the naturals and the synthetics.”

09:38Copy video clip URL Weinberg interrupts Galbraith to ask him to clarify, for the viewers, the relationship between hemp and marijuana. Galbraith shows us a shirt made out of hemp and cotton. Their interview is interrupted by a phone call. He also says he drove a car powered by hemp oil.

11:57Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks Galbraith to start from the beginning. Galbraith says that marijuana is the seed of the hemp plant. He says that marijuana is illegal because the government wants to suppress hemp, not because of the effects of marijuana. He attributes this to the petroleum industry. Someone interrupts him.

14:13Copy video clip URL He describes the nutritional benefits of the hemp seed, and comparable to the soybean. He says that it is the best animal feed.

16:50Copy video clip URL He gets up from the couch, and the camera cuts and zooms in on what appears to be a joint on the couch.

17:35Copy video clip URL He continues to sing the praises of hemp by listing its seemingly endless uses, and criticizes the current restriction on hemp. “When I was growing up, conservative meant you kept the government in the box…” “Marijuana is a benchmark topic for this election… A society that can accommodate tobacco and alcohol should accommodate marijuana…” He talks about the legislative measures he would take, so that smokers would be taxed, and farmers would benefit. He thinks that this would allow easier attack on hard drug users.

25:45Copy video clip URL Weinberg is interested in the figures that Galbraith gave, and is incredulous. Galbraith says he believes that the government has a right to regulate marijuana, and that they should make it available but not promoted. However, this means that profit cannot be the bottom line, so marijuana would not be sold pre-rolled. He sees many benefits in the money going toward the government. He says that the currently untaxed market would yield a billion dollars in tax revenue per year. He wants to keep drug dealers. He says this is just one aspect of his campaign, because it would fuel the school system, etc. “I can turn the state of Kentucky around.”

35:24Copy video clip URL Weinberg says that he thinks that Galbraith is ahead of his time, and Galbraith says that we are in a “fascist state.” He says Bush has a lot of stock in offshore drilling. He continues to criticize the government, and his plans to change the world. He talks about people not using their votes, and he lists figures of people involved with marijuana currently, and thinks that these people and their families would be convinced.

43:46Copy video clip URL He shows us a pamphlet summarizing his whole platform, which he titles, “Choice.” His platform encompasses pro-choice for women, and smaller government. He shows us the joint seen earlier, and says he used to be alcoholic. He smokes the joint. He says marijuana saved his life because he now does not have asthma, and it turned him away from alcohol. He does not encourage its use in others but will use it himself. He says it is all natural, and grown out of the earth, and really dislikes the synthetic nature of other drugs. He sees it as a basic right.

53:00Copy video clip URL Galbraith’s daughters are briefly interviewed at the end, at their own insistence. She talks about what kids think about helping the environment. She says she does not shower so as not to waste water. They support his campaign because it will help Kentucky in general. Another one of his daughters think that it will help people on the streets.

56:14Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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    Hey! What else of Gatewood data do you have to share?! This is awesome.

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