[The 90’s raw: I Want To Thank You, Peter Fogel, contact info]

Footage for The 90's. This video contains raw footage of performer playing "I Want to Thank You," an interview with bartender Peter Fogel, and Jesse Weinberg giving "the 90s" contact information. The raw footage of the Peter Fogel interview begins on tape 11137 and ends on tape 11147.

00:00Copy video clip URL Start tape. Bars and tone.

00:04Copy video clip URL Workers prepare Christmas trees for customers.

00:37Copy video clip URL Video begins fast-forwarding. Stops at random moments.

01:05Copy video clip URL Street performer begins playing “I Want to Thank You” as pedestrians pass by.

04:49Copy video clip URL End segment. Black video.

5:04Copy video clip URL Start segment.

05:05Copy video clip URL Close-up of bottles of alcohol.

06:02Copy video clip URL Begin interview with New York City bartender Peter Fogel at the Mayflower Hotel bar. The raw footage of this interview is on Tape 11137.  Interviewer: “What’s the newest drink around now?” Fogel notes that in the Mayflower they only serve classic drinks like Martinis and Manhattans. Nothing really trendy like Seabreeze or Long Island Iced Tea. He fixes a margarita and a Bloody Mary which people order “especially on Sunday morning when they’re all hung over.” Fogel continues mixing drinks while talking to a customer about the Knicks game.

07:57Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “how do you like this job?” Fogel says he thinks it’s great. “It beats working!” He comments on the great people he meets and that he only has to work until 12:30.

08:14Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “what’s this bar like?” Fogel notes that this is a big music bar, lots of famous entertainers in music and movies come to this bar. He notes you see a lot of things in this bar, like a guy come in for lunch with his girlfriend and then come back for dinner with his wife, “…standing behind his wife going ‘shhh!'”

08:55Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “you serve a lot of alcohol. What do you think about that?” Fogel notes that’s his job. It’s a real bartenders job because you’re making a lot of the old time drinks. You don’t have to worry about kids drinking under age and you don’t have to worry about people drinking and driving because it’s a hotel bar, most customers just go up to their room.

09:46Copy video clip URL When asked, “do you have any concerns about that?” Fogel adds that he sometimes has concerns about what he does for a living especially people who don’t know when to stop. “But it’s my job and I get paid to do it. Yeah, that part bothers me sometimes.”

10:08Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “in a way it’s like you’re a legal drug seller.” Fogel agrees. “I deal booze.”

10:26Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “are there some good things about alcohol?” Fogel says “yes, if you know how to handle it. The key… is moderation.”

10:55Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “You must see romance.” Fogel says that he does see men on the make, but the AIDS scare has diminished that somewhat. Fogel has some fun with an old customer.

11:28Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “what about the recession has that affected business?” Fogel starts to answer, but is interrupted by cashing a customer’s check. B-roll of Fogel at the cash register and taking care of customers..

12:28Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “so people come here not just to drink right?” Fogel says that people come in to socialize. The ones who know it’s a hang out for movie stars come to see them. He adds that it’s his job to make sure celebrities aren’t bothered.

12:40Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “do people come to talk to you about things they wouldn’t talk to anyone else about?” Fogel says “That’s true and it blows me away!” He adds he also hears the problems of the movie stars. When asked why people talk to bartenders so freely, Fogel guesses the drinks loosening them up have something to do with it. “I’m easy to talk to, too.”

13:56Copy video clip URL Interviewer: “So part of your job is to keep things up and buoyant.” “Yes. You have to be up beat all the time, and that’s not easy.” Fogel adds that he does a lot of talking under his smile.

14:28Copy video clip URL End segment.

14:30Copy video clip URL Start segment.

14:32Copy video clip URL Blue computer screen with type that reads, “SEE YOU IN THE 90S” followed by Jesse Weinberg giving contact information for The 90’s.

14:50Copy video clip URL Several takes of Jesse Weinberg saying, “Or, you can fax The 90’s at 312-321-9323. See you in the ’90s.”

18:36Copy video clip URL End video.

19:19Copy video clip URL End Tape.



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