The Potters Wheel

A short documentary about the art of pottery, made by Bruce Bonin while he was a student in Pat Lehman's video production class.

00:25Copy video clip URL Opening title card. 

01:05Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: Bruce Bonin. Newton Potters School. Offscreen narrator speaks poetically about the act of molding clay. 

02:33Copy video clip URL The potter speaks about the artistic medium of clay as we see footage of forming and molding clay, shaping it on the wheel. He calls his form of pottery a “legitimate and purely American way of speaking” and speaks of wanting pottery to better reflect contemporary life. 

07:21Copy video clip URL Learning to “be happy with natural mistakes” in pottery, the result of making pottery by hand. Lack of perfection being fundamental to pottery and to human expression. 

10:02Copy video clip URL The nature of clay as a versatile medium. “Nothing you can do with paints that you can’t do with clay, and you’ve got the added dimension… of the third dimension.” 

11:09Copy video clip URL The potter’s start in clay. He began as a painter but embraced clay immediately upon working with it for the first time. Why he appreciates and prefers clay. 

12:59Copy video clip URL Thinking of a bowl as “a highly personal statement.” Footage of sculpting a vase on the wheel. 

17:33Copy video clip URL Finishing the vase. Garbage cans used to dry pottery. 

18:59Copy video clip URL End of video. 



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