This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 18: The Pilot

AIR DATES: August 6, 13, 1990


A few more letters came in – including one with very disturbing artwork, but at this point, the producers had decided to put Joe’s Basement into a couple months of summer reruns.

Inspired by conversations with confused channel-flippers, Joe makes his very first attempt to explain what the show is.

“Some people have compared us to ‘Wayne’s World.’ Come on – ‘Wayne’s World’ has a two-camera setup. Get a life.”

Joe then offers a recipe for a typical episode:

“Take one surly host, add a dash of maniacal laughter, a skewed perspective, a proclivity for self-reference, any of a number of small burrowing insectivores, a mad craving for cigarettes, and, ultimately, whatever else we feel like.”

The remainder of the show is devoted to a shortened version of the very first episode, “Structural Cinema” (which was anything but a “pilot” for a future series.)

Production Notes:

This episode ends the first season of Joe’s Basement.

After it aired, the series ran reruns for the rest of the summer. Some of them are included online as “remix” editions.



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