This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 39a: It Seemed Like the Thing to Do at the Time or The Diapers and Daises Dance, Part II.

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The action resumes from Part I of the saga:  Actor-Playing-Mark and Actor-Playing-Paul are back in the basement, and they don’t know why.

They stop at a gas station for directions.  The attendant unconsciously blurts out Joe-like phrases, then snaps back into describing an impossible route.

Actor-Playing-Mark and Actor-Playing-Paul head for a library to find out more.  The librarian blurts out “Good evening, and welcome to This Week in the Library.”  Something is going on – bits of Joe are everywhere.

Meanwhile, in the dark alternate basement, the Real Joe broods in isolation, scribbling the remains of his script for a one-man show.  The Mole, Butt-Creature and Construction Worker pop in and throw him a surprise birthday party.  The Butt Creature leads them in a rousing version of  “Happy Birthday.”

Joe’s spirit of fun is replenished, the lights come on, and he whips out a giant wrench to hammer out Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”  The creatures join in, and the music summons the entire cast and crew, reuniting them in the basement, where they belong.



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