[Truck Shell / Bhagavan Das / Hang Gliding]

Raw footage of a camper shell, of the yogi Bhagavan Das, and of hang gliding.

01:02Copy video clip URL A pickup truck with a wooden camper shell on top of it. A teenager gives a tour of the camper and demonstrates its capabilities.

04:40Copy video clip URL People sitting in a circle on grass playing a sitar and drums while people close their eyes and sing along while swaying back and forth.

21:30Copy video clip URL Bhagavan Das a very tan man wearing a red baseball cap, speaks about mantras and about meditational practice. “Mantra is, like, protects your mind. It gives your mind something to do…. Your mantra protects you, protects you from yourself.” 

27:48Copy video clip URL Another mantra. “An Om for the road.” 

31:29Copy video clip URL A mattress commercial. A Coors beer commercial with hang gliding footage. 

36:16Copy video clip URL Snippets of a boxing match taped off of television and more commercials.

38:01Copy video clip URL Blank video. 

41:30Copy video clip URL Footage of hang gliders and of a waterfall and other natural scenes. 

49:58Copy video clip URL More hang gliding. 



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