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Here is your front row ticket to 48th Academy Awards (1976). The Oscars as you've never seen them before. Watch a young Steven Spielberg lose out in his first of many nominations to be Best Director. Join Lily Tomlin as she buys her acceptance gown, Lee Grant rehearsing her "losing smile" for the camera and Michael Douglas planning his sweep of nominations for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. This video is for personal/educational use only. Learn more at TVTVNow: //

00:00Copy video clip URL Open to a close-up of someone’s hand holding the Oscar statue, drumroll, and credit slide: “TVTV in association with KCET presents.” Cut to a young Steven Spielberg lamenting the news that “JAWS” did not get him a nomination for best director. He says, “I got beaten out by Fellini!”

00:18Copy video clip URL Michael Douglas thinks that his movie (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) has a good shot winning “The Big Four” (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress). Lilly Tomlin tries on a dress and says, “Oh, this will be good for winning!” Lee Grant is in a car with Goldie Hawn practicing her reaction to losing the Oscar.

00:49Copy video clip URL Jack Nicholson looking exhausted. More credits and an Oscar: “This is about what it means to be nominated for an Oscar and what it means to win.”

1:36Copy video clip URL Segment called “The Nominees Aren’t.” Cut to Spielberg predicting Jaws to sweep the nominations. He is in his house when he finds out that he was not nominated for best director. Spielberg says that “I’ve been beaten out by Fellini!” His friends commiserate with him.

4:14Copy video clip URL Rona Barrett expresses her surprise that Spielberg was not nominated for director, since usually a film nominated for best picture doesn’t get nominated for best director.

4:51Copy video clip URL Ivan Passer and Milos Forman in a car discussing Spielberg’s non-nomination. Passer: “At least he has something to look forward to. Imagine, getting everything when you’re 28. It’s good for him he didn’t get it.” Forman: “Well, I don’t think it’s good for him, I think he should get the nomination.”

5:36Copy video clip URL With only four nominations, Spielberg calls it commercial backlash.

5:52Copy video clip URL “Going to the Oscars” segment. At the home of Judy Beasley (played by Tomlin) in Calumet City, IL.

7:00Copy video clip URL In Malibu, CA. Lee Grant gets dressed and waits for Joseph Feury, her date. Grant: “I feel like I’m going to my high school prom.”

9:05Copy video clip URL Lilly Tomlin getting dressed: “Oh, this is good for accepting.”

10:28Copy video clip URL Ronee and Steve Blakley in a closet. Ronnie: “We’re trying to get my brother out of the closet!” She does not expect to win.

12:00Copy video clip URL Man describes how everyone, all the crew and drivers, have to wear tuxeedos for the Academy Awards.

12:29Copy video clip URL Grant describes getting her first nomination for her first movie performance based off her first theater performance.

13:02Copy video clip URL Tomlin talks about her “quandary” of whether to wear clown make up on stage.

14:29Copy video clip URL Michael Douglas in Aspen, CO. “Jack Nicholson has a house here…we just found that it was a nice place to escape…” He talks about how difficult it was getting funding for his movie.

16:40Copy video clip URL Back at Judy Beasley’s house. She admires Hepburn’s figure.

17:20Copy video clip URL Verna Fields, editor of Jaws, talks about getting stage fright.She’s getting dressed and preparing for the awards.

19:32Copy video clip URL Beasley says, “They never do say if they don’t look beautiful.”

20:22Copy video clip URL Grant talking about her first nomination.

21:02Copy video clip URL Beasley: “I try never to miss the Academy Awards.”  Cut to Grant, who worries about remembering the names of the people involved in the picture. She gets extremely superstitious when her date talks about what Grant will do after she wins.

22:40Copy video clip URL Ronee Blakley singing and playing piano, extremely doubtful about her future.

23:46Copy video clip URL Goldie Hawn: “Honey, don’t smoke!” She gets dressed. Various back-and-forths with celebrities.Tomlin gets nervous.

27:48Copy video clip URL “The Fans” segment with Army Archerd. Various celebrities come out and address Archerd. Fans scream and shout.

30:38Copy video clip URL Superimposed image of a fan’s head relating how he shouted “good luck!” to Louise Fletcher and she responded with an “okay” sign. Various fan interviews superimposed over video/still images.

32:28Copy video clip URL Bill Murray with the fans–he is also surprised with Liz Taylor’s presence.

33:15Copy video clip URL Footage from the first fan’s Super 8.

33:47Copy video clip URL “And the Winner is” segment with footage of the Press Room preparation.

35:20Copy video clip URL Beasley at home watching her daughter’s nomination. She cracks nuts and criticizes her daughter’s tiara. She says “I bet she’s had a couple of drinks” right as the winner is announced (Grant). Beasley’s response: “Good, that’s who I wanted to win. She’s always good.”

37:02Copy video clip URL Grant re-watches the footage of her winning the award: “It was the end of an era for me, and part of that era was painful.” She talks about the McCarthy Era and Hollywood blacklisting.

38:00Copy video clip URL Footage from the press room. Someone is trying to pitch Verna Fields as a good interviewer. After the awards, Fields discusses fame, which she had not previously thought about.

43:10Copy video clip URL Milos Forman and Fletcher are interviewed.

45:45Copy video clip URL Beasley, while falling asleep, watches Nicholson win the Oscar. Cut to him in the press room.

47:28Copy video clip URL Ken Kesey is interviewed outside. He was touched that Milos mentioned Kesey, but was perplexed that Douglas did not mention him. Brief segment about Kesey’s intellectual property issues and litigation against the producers of the movie. Cut to Beasley asleep.

49:55Copy video clip URL Saul Zaentz in his office. “I think you can only do one or two things in your life that you’re really proud of…you don’t have a chance. I think that’s what happened to us when we were up there.” Cut to Kesey telling the camera that it would have “behooved” them to mention his name. Cut to Douglas wishing he had mentioned Kesey’s name.

52:40Copy video clip URL Beasley is woken up by a telephone. They just announced the winner for best picture. Liz Taylor takes the stage and leads the audience in “America the Beautiful.” Shots of various celebrities and celebrities post-Oscars.

57:10Copy video clip URL TVTV credits.

58:53Copy video clip URL End of tape.



  1. Jerry Burg says:

    This is an amazing documentary. Lily Tomlin is pure gold, Ronee Blakey is so funny and talented…Goldie Hawn… Lee Grant!!! Thanks to Be Kind Rewind for providing the link to this bem.

  2. LKL says:

    I can’t believe I found this! I remember seeing it at the Museum of Broadcasting in 1985! Very Cool!

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