Ugly Winners, Beautiful Champs

WMAQ-TV Review of the 1983 season.

0:00Copy video clip URL Channel 5 special presentation. Opening montage of sports shots.

0:46Copy video clip URL From Comiskey Park: Ugly Winners, Beautiful Champs. Sponsor info. Mark Giangreco, Warner Saunders, Chet Coppock.

1:59Copy video clip URL White Sox season sum-up. Tony LaRussa, manager, got contract extended. Replay of home runs.

5:06Copy video clip URL hosts comment on the report.

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6:04Copy video clip URL Ad with a Charlie Chaplin impersonator for IBM.

6:34Copy video clip URL Ad for Budweiser.

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7:34Copy video clip URL Mark Giangreco talks more about the White Sox. Rudy Law, player, talks about playing. Law had 77 stolen bases that year. Carleton F isk, talks. LaRussa talks about the players. Greg Luzinski yells “We ‘ re number one!” . Tom Paciorek talks about LaRussa. Ron Kittle talks about his talents. Julio Cruz talks about his style.

12:12Copy video clip URL Saunders talks about the Sox pitchers. LaMarr Hoyt talks about his recent improvement. Rich Dotson talks about why he plays better later in the game. Floyd Bannister talks about his pitching goals. Kittle talks about his respect for Bannister.

15:14Copy video clip URL Giangreco introduces next segment on batters. Jerry Hairston, pinch hitter, talks about his position. Mike Squires talks about receiving the honor of getting to hoist the Western Division flag at Comiskey.

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18:54Copy video clip URL Ad with a Charlie Chaplin impersonator for IBM.

19:54Copy video clip URL Host talk about the pre-game ceremonies at Wrigley.

19:27Copy video clip URL Coppock talks about a recent Sox game at Baltimore. He also talks about a shady area of Baltimore called “The Block” with strippers and porn stores. Then he talks about the Harbor, a nice area. Then Fort McHenry, where National Anthem was composed. Babe Ruth’s birth site.

22:40Copy video clip URL Coppock reminisces about Babe Ruth.

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25:11Copy video clip URL Saunders introduces next segment. He recounts the varying weather that year. Interviews with fans outside Comiskey. Reports on high ti cket sales and merchandise.

27:03Copy video clip URL Hosts discuss strategy for the team.

27:38Copy video clip URL Sponsor info. Credits.

28:32Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Gabe says:

    I definitely like to see this show. I haven’t seen this since the 1983 playoffs.

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