[Costume Contest]

Documentation of a costume contest.

00:18Copy video clip URL Setting up the camera.

01:20Copy video clip URL The camera wanders among the contestants at a costume contest. 

08:40Copy video clip URL The videographer speaks with a couple in costume about their costumes and the competition. 

11:24Copy video clip URL Entrants in the costume contest come on stage, each person announced by the emcee, accompanied by a Tangerine Dream record. 

18:50Copy video clip URL Backstage. The contestants wait for the judges’ decision. The videographer speaks with contestants about their costumes and those of other entrants. 

21:30Copy video clip URL The contestants gather onstage. The winners are announced but it’s difficult to understand the emcee. Jazz fusion plays in the background. 

26:36Copy video clip URL Backstage the contestants are congratulated. “He’s a local legend, that guy.” 




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