[Vanishing Act: From Beta 1 – Fern Dale Interview]

0:08Copy video clip URL Color bars. Audio starts.

0:37Copy video clip URL Video begins. Will Clinger interviews Fern Dale about Vaudeville. He asks her to describe her act. She says that she was 14 when she began performing in Vaudeville, after performing in ‘Kiddie Reviews’ at 8 years old. She talks about her first circuit, and the changes in her life when she started performing. She talks about the music and her first acts.

4:30Copy video clip URL She talks about some of the performance tricks she learned on her circuit. She talks about some of the theaters they performed in, specifically in Chicago. She talks about another troupe she performed with based in Chicago. She talks about her name. 

8:10Copy video clip URL Clinger asked if she was ever cancelled, and she replies that she luckily never was. He asks her about typical elements in a show. She describes some aspects of costume and performance. They talk a little bit about the money that performers made. Clinger fixes a camera issue. 

12:15Copy video clip URL She talks about some of the big acts that she performed with. She talks about some of the different people she met as a performer. She talks about riding on trains. She says they did not have much of a social life because they were so busy, and she talks about meeting her husband. He asks her about booking shows and auditions.

18:00Copy video clip URL They record Clinger talking about his interest in Vaudeville and his involvement in the business.

19:20Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

19:52Copy video clip URL Tape ends.

[Continued in Tape 17303].



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