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  • [Comedy Chicago – Second City Main Stage]

    [Comedy Chicago – Second City Main Stage]

    00:17 Color bars. Comedy Chicago episode information screen.  2:10 Comedy Chicago introduction sequence. Will Clinger introduces the show and gives the background for Second City Improvisation.  4:10 Cut to black.  5:10 Clinger goes inside the Second City theater and points out some alumni of the group. He talks about the design and history of the stage and theater. Footage from old Second City performances. 9:08 Clinger goes backstage and talks about some traditions. He talks to the Producer of Second … Continue reading

  • [Comedy Chicago – Ciralsky’s Pt. 2]

    [Comedy Chicago – Ciralsky’s Pt. 2]

    [Continuation of tape 17343]. 0:15 Color bars. Comedy Chicago introduction sequence. Cut to black.  2:10 Will Clinger reintroduces the men he is talking to at Ciralsky’s Deli. He asks them to talk about the great theaters to play in. They tell anecdotes about some specific performances, working with their agents, and getting booked. They talk about other famous acts, like the Four Step Brothers. 12:50 Cut to black.  13:48 They return to talking about other famous acts, starting with Joe … Continue reading

  • [Comedy Chicago – Ciralsky’s Pt. 1]

    [Comedy Chicago – Ciralsky’s Pt. 1]

    00:18 Color bars. Comedy Chicago introduction sequence.  2:07 Camera opens on Ciralsky’s Delicatessen. Inside, Will Clinger sits at a table with three men that used to perform in Vaudeville and Burlesque. They introduce themselves and the restaurant. The men start to talk about the circuits they performed in, and how Vaudeville worked. They talk about the borrowing of material and some of the people they work with. The conversation is very natural and full of anecdotes.  18:10 Cut to black.  … Continue reading

  • [Dr. Harlon’s One-Way Ticket]

    [Dr. Harlon’s One-Way Ticket]

    00:45 Camera opens on Will Clinger joking about David Hasselhoff and dressed in a formal jacket. Dr. Harlon comedy segment. He jokes about marriage and love.  2:18 Sign off on the program. Open on a stage. Clinger and another woman do a comedy routine for an audience. Raw footage of the show, which includes a couple comic songs.  35:20 Video recorded short on the beach. Show continues on the stage. Another Dr. Harlon short.  41:00 Return to the stage. The … Continue reading

  • [WTTW Channel 11 35th Anniversary Celebration]

    0:02 Opening of WTTW Chicago. Title screen introducing this segment as a celebration of the station’s 35th Anniversary Celebration. Clip of Mayor Richard J. Daley talking about the station at its opening. Historical footage of the station’s programming. Mark Russell talks about the station and his involvement with it. Short messages from famous programs and people that have appeared on and supported WTTW over the 35 years. 4:10 Footage of the anniversary kick-off party. Public celebration events celebrating Channel 11 … Continue reading

  • [Pledge Breaks w/ Will Clinger from 3/10/96]

    [Pledge Breaks w/ Will Clinger from 3/10/96]

    0:08 Commercial for an aviation company.  0:32 Wild Chicago introduction. Cheryl Komada introduces Will Clinger and explains how viewers can become members of the WTTW channel over the phone by pledging various amounts of money. Clinger talks about the program and the viewer contest they’ve been holding. The program continues with Clinger talking to people working at the telethon and Komada continues to name prizes.  6:50 Focus on a caricature artist. He talks to the runner up of a lyrics … Continue reading

  • [Wild Vision Set-Ups]

    [Wild Vision Set-Ups]

    Raw footage of Will Clinger talking to people on the street for Wild Chicago. Continue reading

  • [Rudy’s Film Window Dub 2 of 2]

    [Rudy’s Film Window Dub 2 of 2]

    Window-dubbed version of Rudy Horn’s home movies, for Will Clinger’s “Vanishing Act: The Vaudeville Era in Chicago.” Horn was a world-renowned juggler. The footage is primarily travel footage from the Western U.S. [Continuation of tape 17313]. Continue reading

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