[Vanishing Act: From Beta 2 – Fern Dale Interview]

[Continuation of tape 17302].

0:07 Color bars. Audio starts. Camera opens on Fern Dale preparing to play banjo. Will Clinger asks her about the instrument, and she tells the history of it. 

1:50Copy video clip URL Dale plays and sings a song with a trumpeter and a tuba player. 

4:07Copy video clip URL She introduces the men she is playing with. They play another song.

6:00Copy video clip URL Cut back to footage from of Clinger interviewing her. Dale talks about some of the big stars she worked with, and competition.

8:37Copy video clip URL Clinger asks what she did when Vaudeville died, and she explains where she performed and worked. She says she is not sure what killed Vaudeville, but that movies likely affected it. She talks about the specifics of her act, and they talk about Chicago. They talk about why some people survived the transition from Vaudeville to movies. 

13:47Copy video clip URL She talks about performing in black face. She talks about black acts. 

15:55Copy video clip URL She describes what she misses about Vaudeville. They talk about a girl band she was in. From a different angle, Clinger asks her a few of the same questions. 

21:12Copy video clip URL Footage rewinds.

21:32Copy video clip URL Tape ends.

[Continued in tape 17304].



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