[Washington administration voter registration scandal]

CHA residents accuse the Harold Washington administration of requiring them to register voters in order to receive city employment.

00:00Copy video clip URL Journalist Jay Levine reports that many CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) have a willingness to register CHA residents to vote. Mayor Washington set the example by signing up as a deputy registrar.

00:53Copy video clip URL Lynette Baker, a CHA employee and registrar says about 120 have signed up so far. When asked if there was an inference that if you signed up to vote you’ll get more work, jobs. Baker said yes.

01:20Copy video clip URL Debra Dixon, a registrar says she and others were working as house inspectors and were told if they signed up for volunteer work to get people to vote, we’ll be first on the list for any jobs that become available.

01:38Copy video clip URL The executive director of CHA also threw a party for 50-60 new deputy registrars at a Quality Inn. The bill will be paid for with non-CHA funds. It’s confirmed that at least 72 CHA employees are part of the mayor’s political army. Much of the money comes from a special bank account that’s seen 150,000 dollars pass through it.

02:28Copy video clip URL The CHA denies any connection between becoming a deputy registrar and holding a CHA job. He says he’ll release a memo to employees saying that voter registration is a volunteer activity. He notes You don’t owe  anybody any political work for your job.  The mayor is looking into the charges.

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