Watch It!, episode 105-1

A "video scrapbook" featuring camcorder footage from people around the world.

01:00Copy video clip URL “War Games” by Patrick Creadon. Follows a group of men in Central Illinois competing in a paintball competition.

06:05Copy video clip URL Chicago Police Dept. Firearms. The police show the huge collection of firearms they confiscate each month on the streets of Chicago.

09:49Copy video clip URL [Camnet Segment]. A young boy talks about his toy guns; two young men discuss the gang and gun violence on the streets of Los Angeles (“I’m not going to die of old age”), and the inadequacies of the L.A. public school system.

17:11Copy video clip URL A segment about female crime victims now in firearms training.

29:24Copy video clip URL A segment with Helen Samuels, a lady who paints murals, and works with gang members in inner-city L.A.

39:13Copy video clip URL Coyoteland by Jay April. We follow Los Angeles county animal control officers search for coyotes that are hunting neighborhood pets. Suburban sprawl accounts for the human (and pet) incursion into the coyote’s territory. Animal rights activists argue that the coyote should not be trapped and killed to benefit the suburban home owners.

57:07Copy video clip URL Todd Alcott by Skip Blumberg. A manic New Yorker complains about his hectic ’90s lifestyle.



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