[Joyous Lake Costume Party / Election Night]

Footage from a costume party with a psychedelic rock band and a report on local elections filmed primarily at the headquarters of the Woodstock Republican Party.

00:38Copy video clip URL People in costumes dance to a psychedelic rock band. 

07:47Copy video clip URL Addressing the crowd regarding the costume contest. The attendees talk among themselves while the band takes a break. The contest winners are announced, each winner getting bottles of champagne as a prize. 

10:29Copy video clip URL The band plays another song and the crowd starts dancing. 

14:14Copy video clip URL Video of the party ends. 

14:21Copy video clip URL An interviewer speaks with John Pike, a longtime resident of Woodstock, at Republican Party headquarters about the local election results. The effects of Watergate on local races and the merits of America’s two-party system.

16:43Copy video clip URL The “semi-socialistic” parliamentary system in the UK not being suited for America. “We are every nationality in the world who came here to avoid exactly that kind of a concept.” 

17:45Copy video clip URL Shots of the Republican Headquarters from the previous night while results were incoming. The reporter lists the results of the election. 

22:33Copy video clip URL End of election video. 



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