Woodstock Community Video: Republican Party Headquarters, “Feast” book release Party

A local TV program covering the opening of the local Republican Party's headquarters and the release party for the book "Feast: A Tribal Cookbook," written by members of the True Light Beavers commune.

00:06Copy video clip URL Station logo card: “Woodstock Community Video. Box 519, 9-2952. Channel 6.”

00:19Copy video clip URL An accordion player. The words “Papa Bear” are painted on his accordion. A voiceover announces “The opening of the Republican headquarters for this election year 1972.” A man standing next to the accordion player gives a speech (inaudible). Buttons and posters for H. Clark Bell, who is running for Assemblyman, are everywhere. 

01:25Copy video clip URL The reporter introduces Phil Cunningham, a committee member for the party and the chairperson of the campaign.  Cunningham discusses the Republicans running for office in the area and describes the party’s efforts to support them. 

04:10Copy video clip URL Plans for election night at the party headquarters. Other upcoming events. 

06:05Copy video clip URL An interview with local candidate H. Clark Bell. 

07:40Copy video clip URL Bell describes the function of the New York State Assembly. He pulls out a brochure that describes the ways that bills are formed and become law. 

11:08Copy video clip URL Interview with Al Sparta, running for re-election as County Clerk. Sparta describes his duties as County Clerk. 

13:27Copy video clip URL A musical group made up of members of the True Light Beavers sings a jingle in a studio: “F-E-A-S-T… Yum, yum, yum, yuuuuuuuuuum, yum yum.” 

14:08Copy video clip URL A bus pulls up. “Okay, turn on the enchiladas!” A crowd serves themselves lunch outdoors. 

15:36Copy video clip URL A man, a member of the group True Light Beavers, discusses their new book Feast: A Tribal Cookbook, which includes recipes from numerous people in the Woodstock region. 

17:20Copy video clip URL A reporter talks to Colleen Carey, who discusses the origins of the book and their ambitions as authors and editors. About fifteen other people contributed text to the project. 

20:15Copy video clip URL Tom O’Donoghue, the Doubleday publicist working on Feast, discusses the publisher’s interest in the counterculture and the broader general appeal of an “all-natural” cookbook and moving away from French haute cuisine

23:25Copy video clip URL Betty Barthelmy, editor at Doubleday, discusses the publisher’s interest in the book. She describes it as a “lifestyle book” and not just a cookbook, as well as the logistics of printing it and her experiences working with the True Light Beavers. 

26:22Copy video clip URL Members of the True Light Beavers play music promoting the book in a recording studio. In voiceover the narrator lists upcoming local events. 



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