[Wedding Party of Dad and Marie]

Home movies of a wedding celebration, featuring a small band.

00:05Copy video clip URL A singalong in a living room, with a band featuring a guitar, mandolin, and accordion player, including “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” 

03:29Copy video clip URL The family chats as the band plays another song. 

07:05Copy video clip URL Image cuts out. Audio of another singalong. 

12:05Copy video clip URL Image returns. Another song. Elderly women dance in front of the musicians. 

14:57Copy video clip URL The cutting of the wedding cake, as the crowd sings “The Bride cuts the cake…” 

18:40Copy video clip URL A brief speech from the Best Man. Opening a bottle of wine and eating cake.

20:16Copy video clip URL The band plays another song. More music. The crowd, including the married couple, dances in the living room. 

31:30Copy video clip URL The accordion player introduces another song. 




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