Wild Chicago, no. 507

0:11Copy video clip URL Slate

0:20Copy video clip URL Intro and title sequence

1:10Copy video clip URL Hollis interviews people at the airport preparing to depart for London as part of a British Airways contest. He talks to a man who has brought his own cans of tuna, and asks interviewees to attempt an English accent.

3:08Copy video clip URL On the plane, he takes footage of sleeping passengers and interviews a set of twin brothers, the pilots, and a Dutch singer. Part of the landing is captured from the cockpit.

5:38Copy video clip URL Hollis meets two Chicago tourists at Westminster Abbey. They tour the immediate area, and are interrupted by two French students. One of the women talks about the notable people buried in the Abbey, and she and Ben sing “England Swings.” Hollis interviews other tourists on the street, including a Russian and a New Zelander.

9:21Copy video clip URL Hollis goes to a wedding, although he arrives late. He interviews the parents and brother of the bride and the couple, as well as other members of the party.

12:13Copy video clip URL Hollis visits the London Dungeon, “The World’s First Medieval Horror Museum.” He interviews attendees and employees, intercut with spooky wax figures and dioramas of various medieval torture techniques.

15:46Copy video clip URL At Wembley Stadium, Hollis attends a London Monarchs game. He interviews a concession worker, who says that gridiron football is catching on in England. He interviews the team’s business manager, and includes various shots of the game. At one point he becomes covered in silly string. A cheerleader asks about his outfit. He interviews many fans in the stands. He talks to former Chicago Bear Dan Shannon, now a Monarch.

19:13Copy video clip URL At the Morris School of Hair Design, we see various shots of people getting haircuts. Hollis talks to owner Sidney Morris, who explains the school. He asks people receiving haircuts if they’re pleased with the work, to generally positive response. Hollis observes a woman having a weave sewn in.

24:43Copy video clip URL Hollis meets up with the twin brothers he met on the plane. They shoot a music video at Star Trax, a chroma-key studio for rent. The proprietor of the studio explains the production process.

26:00Copy video clip URL Hollis visits a man living in a row house which has been maintained exactly as it was in the 18th century. He shows the dining room, fireplace, and some portraits on the wall.

29:32Copy video clip URL Coming attractions for the next episode.



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