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  • Wild Chicago, no. 507

    Wild Chicago, no. 507

    0:11 Slate 0:20 Intro and title sequence 1:10 Hollis interviews people at the airport preparing to depart for London as part of a British Airways contest. He talks to a man who has brought his own cans of tuna, and asks interviewees to attempt an English accent. 3:08 On the plane, he takes footage of sleeping passengers and interviews a set of twin brothers, the pilots, and a Dutch singer. Part of the landing is captured from the cockpit. 5:38 […]

  • Wild Chicago, no. 413

    Wild Chicago, no. 413

    00:21 Production credits displayed. 00:41 Ad for the Illinois Lottery, a corporate sponsor of the program. 01:18 Clips of the episode’s subjects shown over carnivalesque music. A narrator briefly gives depictions of each. 01:43 Opening to Wild Chicago, montage of Ben Hollis’s introduction and fragmented clips of eclectic scenes across the Chicagoland area. 02:47 “Wild Workout.” Workout instructor “Roff” dials up high energy aerobic dance workouts at Club West in Oak Park, IL. The instructor is a registered nurse whose […]

  • Wild Chicago, no. 412

    Wild Chicago, no. 412

    Wild Chicago, episode no. 412. On a special edition of Wild Chicago, Ben Hollis takes viewers on a cruise to the “Islands of Wild Chicago.” Hollis searches for buried treasure at Treasure Island Foods grocery store, journeys to one of Lake Michigan’s mysterious concrete islands, samples fried decapod crustaceans on Goose Island, and dives into the first indoor wave pool built in the U.S.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 410

    Wild Chicago, no. 410

    Wild Chicago Episode #410. Host Ben Hollis meets Muddy Water’s son at the famous Checkerboard Lounge, imbibes wheatgrass, visits ice hockey doctors in Oak Park, plays war games, and indulges at a medieval-themed banquet hall.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 409

    Wild Chicago, no. 409

    Wild Chicago Episode #409. Host Ben Hollis visits a replica of King Tut’s tomb, a store that sells cookie jars, “Dave’s Down to Earth Rock Shop,” and a model train mogul.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 408

    Wild Chicago, no. 408

    Wild Chicago Episode #408. Ben Hollis visits the Illinois Institute of Technology to discover the latest synthesis of art and science, rides a speed boat on Lake Michigan, tours a gumball factory specializing in producing goop and slime, rides double-decker with the Chicago Motor Coach Company, and learns how to make wrought iron fences.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 407

    Wild Chicago, no. 407

    Wild Chicago Episode #407. Ben Hollis visits Disco bowling, the Connecticut School of Broadcasting formerly in Lombard, IL, the “Terra Cotta Kingdom,” the Cascade Drive-In, and the Old Town Aquarium.

  • Wild Chicago, no. 406

    Wild Chicago, no. 406

    Episode 406 of Wild Chicago. Smelt Dancing by the lake, a center for UFO studies, Rock ‘N Roll Tupperware party, the graveyard shift at Kinko’s Copies, and a visit to the CTA “love train.”

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