[Wild Vision Set-Ups]

Raw footage of Will Clinger talking to people on the street for Wild Chicago.

0:07Copy video clip URL Color bars. 
0:22Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Will Clinger talking to some guys on a street. One of them walks by Clinger, and he sprays some perfume at him, explaining that he should visit the Smell and Taste Research Center. As more people walk by, he asks them if they would like to smell the perfume, and if they say yes, he asks them what it smells like. If they ask him about the Research Center, he says he does not know where it is. 
13:40Copy video clip URL Clinger does a bit with a police officer carrying a sink for Merco Recycling. 
16:22Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a storefront.
17:36Copy video clip URL Clinger talks to various cabdrivers and asks them to sing. Most drivers say they don’t sing. He asks some of them if they know where he can find the singing cabby.
26:54Copy video clip URL Cut to Clinger handing out olives on the street. He asks people if they know of any sports that can be played with olives. They attempt to play each of the sports. Clinger films the related promotion.
35:55Copy video clip URL Will asks people outside of a Blockbuster which videos they rented. He asks them if they’d like to rent wacky horror movies, like “Satan’s Cheerleaders” or “The Love Butcher.” He advertises for a different video store. 
42:50Copy video clip URL Video cuts. 
43:36Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 



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