[Camera tests]

Camera operators learn to use video cameras while an offscreen instructor offers guidance.

00:05Copy video clip URL An American flag.

00:16Copy video clip URL Camera setup and discussion. Filming outside a brick building with a sign reading “Appalachia, Mountain of Strength, is climbin’ back.” Discussions of what to shoot with lens cap on. 

02:22Copy video clip URL Shooting a semi-rural neighborhood over discussions of how to operate the camera. 

04:53Copy video clip URL More shots of the neighborhood, including a pile of trashed furniture.  The camera operator learns how to use the camera while an offscreen instructor offers guidance. 

10:01Copy video clip URL The camera operator tries out pans and zooms. 

13:21Copy video clip URL Filming people by the side of the road. Cars drive by. 

15:34Copy video clip URL End of tape. 



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