Women’s Concerns

A consciousness-raising session between women discussing how their lifestyles have changed as they've grown more aware of feminism.

00:25Copy video clip URL Elaine Milosh introduces herself and the tape, about a consciousness-raising session: “This is the first of a series of videotapes made by women, concerning women and what their efforts are concering their changing roles in society.”

01:19Copy video clip URL Women sit around a room speaking with each other. The handheld camera zooms into speakers’ faces as they explain what a consciousness-raising session is and why it’s important. 

04:18Copy video clip URL The question for the evening: how their lifestyles have changed.

04:30Copy video clip URL The first speaker discusses once being a polite, proper young woman who was concerned with social status. Meeting her husband. Starting to feel dissatisfied with her life. 

09:50Copy video clip URL The second speaker talks about thinking that she wanted to be middle class but not having enough money to live up to the standards. Meeting her husband Mike, who helped her find another set of priorities. 

12:05Copy video clip URL The next speaker talks about the separation between her social circle and the richer friends of her husband. Feeling like she was playing a role when spending time with her husband’s business friends. Going back to work after having her first child. 

17:03Copy video clip URL The next speaker talks about reading The Feminine Mystique. “I told Bob… if you don’t read this book theres no hope for our marriage, and he wouldn’t read it.” Changing her clothes and her style after her divorce. Moving to Woodstock.

19:25Copy video clip URL The next speaker talks about feeling uncomfortable wearing make-up and on her dating life. Changing her lifestyle after realizing that she wasn’t at all invested in her relationship. 

23:19Copy video clip URL Dress codes for girls, not allowing them to wear pants at school until it reached a set temperature. Rules being enforced by elevator operators. Regulation of skirt lengths. 

24:14Copy video clip URL The previous speaker discusses the lack of of a feeling of liberation. Wanting a more equitable split of jobs, housework, and child rearing with her husband. A conversation about the relationship between lifestyle and consciousness. 

27:12Copy video clip URL Being labeled a “kook” by others and standing out from others. The difficulties of being liberated but not having a career. 

31:35Copy video clip URL In voiceover, Milosh returns to conclude the tape: “The women you have just been viewing are part of an ongoing process. We hope that by viewing this session your consciousness has also been raised.” 

32:02Copy video clip URL Station identification card: “WCV 6. 350 Old Wagon Rd, Woodstock 2490. 914-679-2952.”




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