• [Voices of Cabrini raw: Pratt family]

    [Voices of Cabrini raw: Pratt family]

    Footage for the documentary “Voices of Cabrini.” Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the city of Chicago. This video contains footage of the Pratt family in Cabrini Green. There are several interviews with Mark Pratt where he describes growing up in Cabrini. Pratt takes director Ronit Bezalel on a walking tour through Cabrini, ending in Smokey Playground. Continue reading

  • The 90’s, episode 306: Race And Racism – Red, White, And Black

    The 90’s, episode 306: Race And Racism – Red, White, And Black

    Episode 306 of the award winning series, The 90’s. This episode is called “RACE AND RACISM – RED, WHITE AND BLACK” and features the following segments: Continue reading

  • L.A. Riots

    L.A. Riots

    Andrew Jones goes to Los Angeles in the aftermath of the riots of 1992. He speaks with many people about the racial issues that sparked this uprising–the feeling that blacks and Latinos had been systematically discriminated against in their own neighborhoods for years. The main complaint is that stores in their neighborhoods were owned by whites and Koreans and they were overcharged for all services and products. Much of the tension appears to be between the blacks/Latinos and the Korean shop owners. Another interesting feature of the tape is the discussion of the differing motives between rioters and looters and between the actions in different parts of the city. For example, in some areas, only specific businesses, those that were seen as longtime oppressors, were targeted. A man shows footage from his camcorder of the looting, and notes that all of the looters were white, and all were smiling. Clearly, the situation in Los Angeles was far from simple. This tape is a fascinating glimpse into the psychology of the time period. Continue reading

  • Chicago Politics: A Theatre Of Power

    Chicago Politics: A Theatre Of Power

    Collection of revealing scenes of various Chicago politicians. The film focuses mainly on mayors and mayoral candidates of the 1980s including Jane Byrne, Harold Washington, Edward “Fast Eddie” Vrdolyak, and Thomas Hynes. In true Chicago style, the looming presence of long-time, now late, mayor of Chicago, Richard J. Daley makes an appearance. Includes some invaluable footage, especially of when Harold Washington’s many speeches. Particularly revealing are scenes of racial upheaval during the time surrounding Harold Washington’s election and mayorship. Continue reading

  • Spin


    This tape documents an interesting period of time in the early ’90s when people with a satellite dish could receive pre-air non-broadcast feeds. The author captured hundreds of hours of this footage and it is an invaluable look at the way politicians craft media appearances. An extremely valuable tape, both for the general knowledge of media and a specific look at the 1992 presidential race. Continue reading

  • [Studs Terkel at the Wells-Grand talking about Thanksgiving 1933 and prohibition repeal]

    [Studs Terkel at the Wells-Grand talking about Thanksgiving 1933 and prohibition repeal]

    Brief segment where Studs Terkel revisits the Wells-Grand Hotel, the men’s hotel operated by his parents, and reminisces about Thanksgiving following the prohibition repeal. Continue reading


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  • Echoes of Rodney King

    Echoes of Rodney King

    Last night, a grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson for the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown. As protesters took to the streets, they chanted the words, “No justice, no peace”—an echo of similar protests that arose in 1992 after a jury acquitted the officers involved in the Rodney King beating. Many of the same issues and outrages that surrounded the Rodney King trial are flaring up again in response to the events in Ferguson. So today, we’re … Continue reading

  • Remembering Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne

    Remembering Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne

    By now you’ve read a lot of stories about her, and seen what the TV stations have broadcast. But you probably haven’t seen most of the video that is in our archive. We’ve preserved several dozen videos with Byrne during her short period as mayor, and we’ve put together a perspective that may differ a bit from other accounts. It features footage shot by Nick Despota, Tom Finerty, Scott Jacobs, John Mabey, Cindy Neal, Lilly Ollinger, and Tom Weinberg, as … Continue reading


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