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  • “Don’t quit your day job”: Chicago’s Funny Firm in 1993

    “Don’t quit your day job”: Chicago’s Funny Firm in 1993

    Chicago has long been known as a city of comedy. It’s where improv comedy was born, and has helped start the careers of countless comedians. Of course, despite all the successes, not everyone becomes a legend. In 1993, Chicago Slices videographer Skip Blumberg visited a comedy class at the Funny Firm. Among Funny Firm’s defining features was its comedy school, where students could enroll in classes geared around developing their comedic voice. In this video, Skip talks to some of … Continue reading

  • This Sunday: The Video Ball!

    This Sunday: The Video Ball!

    The Media Burn Video Ball is just a few days away! Now’s your last chance to get tickets at a reduced price! And remember, there’s FREE PARKING! So if you drive, you can enter the garage on southbound Wabash or westbound Randolph. Park anywhere, and take the elevators to the 10th floor. You’ll receive a validated sticker for free parking when you check in with us. On foot, just enter on Randolph and take the elevators straight to the 10th … Continue reading


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  • Patrick Creadon and Tom Palazzolo salute Media Burn

    Patrick Creadon and Tom Palazzolo salute Media Burn

    We’ve been telling you a lot about why we think Media Burn is special. But don’t just take our word for it: today, you can hear from two of our favorite people. Patrick Creadon is an accomplished documentary director. He is best known today for his critically-acclaimed films Wordplay and I.O.U.S.A., but his first job out of college was for the FITV-produced series The 90’s, which he credits as helping to shape his career. Tom Palazzolo has been making offbeat … Continue reading

  • War and Peace: Gulf War Protests, 1990-91

    War and Peace: Gulf War Protests, 1990-91

    The US has once again declared war in the Middle East. To some, it may feel like history is repeating itself. We’ve gone to the archives to pull out a collection of anti-war protests from the Gulf War. These are pleas from nearly 25 years ago that still apparently remain unheeded. You can watch the full “Anti-War Tapes” episode of The 90’s or explore more of our Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection at Media Burn. Be there for … Continue reading

  • Sneak peek at the site of the Media Burn Video Ball

    Sneak peek at the site of the Media Burn Video Ball

    Here’s the spot where you and your friends will be on September 28! WHAT: Media Burn 10th Anniversary Video Ball WHERE: rooftop/tenth floor, Wabash-Randolph parking garage (20 E. Randolph) ADMISSION: $75 advance, $100 at the door, $25 for attendees under 25. Buy your tickets today! entertainment coordinated by Paul Durica and Nick Fraccaro delicious food by Sauce and Bread Kitchen beer/wine courtesy of Haymarket Brewery and Nisei Lounge. THE HOST COMMITTEE Co-Chairs: Thea Flaum & Robert Hill * Gordon Quinn … Continue reading

  • [1996 Democratic National Convention]

    00:00 Vietnam veterans speak at a ceremony held at Veterans Memorial Park along the Chicago Riverwalk, commemorating combat deaths and POWs from August 26-28, 1968. Their speeches center around the idea that these deaths have been overshadowed by the protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and draw attention to the persistent problems of PTSD and homelessness among Vietnam veterans. 11:25 Girls in traditional Vietnamese dresses place white flowers in the Vietnam Veterans Reflection Pool while the names of fallen … Continue reading

  • [Joan Jett Blakk announces candidacy]

    00:00 Blakk hosts a press conference at an Ann Sathers, and fields questions from supporters and journalists. 01:08 The audience asks who Blakk will choose as a running mate. “We’re working on that. I’ll need a woman–a woman from not this part of the country, so it’s not too regional. But we’re looking.” 09:51 Joan Jett Blakk mingles with supporters over champagne and birthday cake. 13:33 Bill Stamets interviews a man wearing a “Joan Jett Blakk for President” pin. “We’ve … Continue reading

  • Studs Tells Why It’s “Labor Day”

    Studs Tells Why It’s “Labor Day”

    For many, Labor Day marks the end of summer, the beginning of a new football season, and a new school year. For others, though, it’s a powerful day of solidarity and remembrance. In this video, edited together from several sources over the years, Studs tells a story about a confrontation he had with a well-to-do couple that claimed to loathe labor unions. It’s an entertaining story he clearly relishes, but it also touches on the history of labor in the … Continue reading

  • Libertarian Sci-Fi: Tape 2

    00:00 Short scenes from “World Science Fiction”, a libertarian-themed sci fi pageant put on at the Libertarian National Convention. 17:25 Don Ernsberger, a member of the Libertarian National Committee, talks to Bill Stamets about the significance of the convention being broadcast on CSPAN for the first time. “Personally, I see the next ten years to be a period of time where the Libertarian party catches on with the American people.” 19:53 Ernsberger explains how American politics favors a two-party model. … Continue reading

  • Joan Jett Blakk: Queer Nation’s Candidate for President, 1992

    01:41 Joan Jett Blakk introduces herself to the camera. “We started this campaign by running for mayor of Chicag0. Since there were no other queer candidates, I won!” 03:24 “We had the New Deal president, we had the Great Society president…I’m going to be the Beauty president.” 05:22 “The whole government is such a closed-shop affair…everyone has a voice, when I get elected.” 06:08 Jett Blakk talks about party-line politicians. “Republicans and Democrats–I think they’re all the same, myself. That’s … Continue reading