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  • Harold Washington 35th Anniversary

    Harold Washington 35th Anniversary

    With the holidays just around the corner, the Media Burn family would like to share an early gift as a reminder of the legacy of Chicago’s 51st mayor, Harold Lee Washington (1922-1987). As Chicago’s first African-American mayor, Washington’s time in office would be no walk in the park– this, he knew. Despite the forces waged against him, Washington moved the needle of progress to support employment and economic development in the city. In this clip, a crowd of Chicagoans gathers […]

  • blhand

    Toni Morrison on the founding of America, 1978

    With voting day upon us, we’re besieged with campaign ads and news reports about the future of our local and national governments. With all this focus on the immediate future, it behooves us to also think about the past, about the path that led America to this point and the lessons that we can learn from our past mistakes. Few can teach us more than Toni Morrison about this country’s psyche and about its unspoken traumas that resonate across generations. […]


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