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  • Looking back at Lanesville TV

    Looking back at Lanesville TV

    Dubbed “probably America’s smallest TV station”, we’re taking a look at Lanesville TV. When the Videofreex formed, independent video was still in its infancy and it would still be a couple of years before the term “Guerrilla Television” would be coined. The desire was, however, to overthrow the mainstream media by creating a grassroots, bottom-up form of TV that was about, for, and by the people – a participatory form of television that reflected the cultures and cultures of local […]

  • All Eyes on New Hampshire

    All Eyes on New Hampshire

    Tuesday, January 23 is New Hampshire’s presidential primary. Because of its historical influence on the trajectory of candidates, it’s seen as one of the most important primaries. We’re comparing this year’s primary with those of the past in an effort to make connections in historical patterns. In 1992, Ralph Nader was a write-in for both the Democrat and Republican primaries in New Hampshire. This was not the first time Nader flirted with running for president — in 1972, he had […]


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