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  • TVTV, a group shot at the pool in collective house, 1972. L to R: Curtis Schreier, Michael Couzens, Jody Siebert, Mickey Shamberg, Megan Williams, Allen Rucker, Anda Korsts, Tom Weinberg. Steve Christiansen, Wendy Appel, T.L. Morey, Hudson Marquez, Maureen Orth, Martha Coolidge, Skip Blumberg, Chip Lord, Nancy Cain (on raft.) Photo by Doug Michels.

    Golden Anniversary of Guerrilla Television!

    Video art and video documentary began in the mid-1960s, but the first shots of the TV/Video revolution can be traced back to 1972. The summer of 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of TVTV and the Guerrilla Television movement. It was the start of a radical, exciting new form of documentary that critiqued and questioned mainstream television. Seen by a small number of viewers all over America, it invented new ways to make television and changed what television could look like. … Continue reading

  • Media Burn Presents: David E. Simpson’s Tom Chicago on Location

    Media Burn Presents: David E. Simpson’s Tom Chicago on Location

    Newly available for the first time in decades! Media Burn is proud to have digitized a remarkable short-form documentary on one of the godfathers of independent film in Chicago: Tom Palazzolo. David E. Simpson’s 1990 work Tom Chicago on Location presents a playful and engaging portrait of Tom’s work, life, and idiosyncratic humor. To introduce the documentary, here are a few words from David:   “I first became aware of Tom Palazzolo in high school, when a renegade student teacher from the … Continue reading


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