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  • The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder 7/14/97

    Guests: Laurie Levenson, Malcolm McDowell, Carol Marin Continue reading

  • [Elizabeth Brackett lecture]

    [Elizabeth Brackett lecture]

    A talk from Elizabeth Brackett detailing her career trajectory so far, and her research for her book on Rod Blagojevich. Continue reading

  • Studs Terkel at Facets, 3/19/06

    Studs Terkel at Facets, 3/19/06

    Film critic Michael Wilmington interviews Studs Terkel at Facets Cinematheque in Chicago as part of a screening of John Ford’s 1940 “Grapes of Wrath,” an adaptation of John Steinbeck’s book of the same name. Continue reading

  • Mexican Art Gallery

    Mexican Art Gallery

    This video shows a Mexican art gallery in Los Angeles which exhibits the works of a family of folk artists who live in Mexico City. Later in the video is also a brief interview with an immigrant who was a winner of the green card lottery, who speaks mostly about her time in this country as an immigrant. Continue reading

  • Blues And More

    Blues And More

    Blues man Pervis Spann hosts his absurdist comedy show, which also features music videos from blues and R & B artists. Music videos and timecodes are listed below. Note: the tape ends in the middle of the program. Continue reading

  • [Poem and commentary by Bill Veeck #2]

    [Poem and commentary by Bill Veeck #2]

    Continuation of previous tape. First, Bill Veeck reads his poem “Ode to an Agent” or “Advice to an Aging Client” again. He seems downright jolly during this reading, compared to his cautious reading on the previous tape. After four minutes, Veeck starts more takes of his commentary, but has a number of false starts. He completes one good take and then the tape ends. Continue reading

  • City Desk: A Look Back

    City Desk: A Look Back

    A look back at 40 years of City Desk, a political talk show on WMAQ-TV (a local NBC affiliate). As the tape is only a short retrospective, we see clips of many major Chicago figures but do not go in to much detail. Continue reading

  • The AIDS Connection: Hour V

    The AIDS Connection: Hour V

    This tape is a broadcast from hour 5 of an historic live, all night, talk show that addressed various issues surrounding the AIDS crisis. It was a breakthrough for live TV via satellite as it had never been attempted to connect five locations via satellite, with live feeds to and from the CONUS/Hubbard Broadcasting studio in Minneapolis. No nationally televised long-form program about the AIDS epidemic had been on the air when this was produced. It was seen on more than 120 stations around the country and brought together top experts in the field in the early days of public awareness of AIDS.

    Each hour featured a panel of guests taking questions from the hosts, the studio audience members, and the audience members and panelists participating via satellite. This hour is split into two half-hour segments. The first segment focuses on the global AIDS crisis and AIDS outside of the U.S. The second segment focuses on AIDS and religion (mainly AIDS and Christianity). Each segment features a call-in survey related to the segment topic. Several public service announcements, usually featuring celebrities, were shown in each half hour. Continue reading