Healing Ground

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0:00 Black, bars and tone, slate, black.

1:53 Title: Healing Ground. Aerial shots of Robert Taylor Homes and then driving shots of same area. Burned out and buildings and abandoned lots. Rap song about Robert Taylor Homes and their condition and making the world a better place.

3:10 Alvin Palmer talks about people’s reactions to their work. They have a gardening and renewal program in the Robert Taylor Homes. Ed Shurna says similar things.

3:36 Shots of men gardening. Morris Butler says that they are making small progress with their work. Jamie Kalven says that one’s environment reflects attitude and that they hope to address injuries to place. Credell Walls says he initially didn’t like the gardening work. Then he began to make friends and started enjoying it. Ken Dunn of the Recource Center says that waste leads to potential for growth. They recycle waste, such as bikes, tires, etc. Another man says that their plan is to re-feed the people from their own land. One man says he felt very good when he was done. Another man says that people look at the area differently when things are beautiful. Macee Halk says that a sense of community needs to be redeveloped in the area, and that this is a major component of the group’s work.

6:48 Woman says that they have been helping each other fix their areas. Man says that every conversation he has had with area residents has been about jobs.

7:41 Store with bikes outside. Dunn says that they have a bicycle repair program. Young kids help rebuild the bikes and then they get a bike and also have the skills to repair. Kid says that they don’t come just to get bikes, but also to learn how to work.

8:27 Man says they are planting seeds literally and metaphorically. Rap song returns.

9:08 Credits.

9:36 End of tape.



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