Studs Terkel compilation

Archival footage of Studs Terkel. First piece is a look at the circus narrated by Terkel. Followed by two episodes of the show Studs' Place, which was broadcast out of Chicago from 1949-51. It featured improvised comedy and some jazz performances.

0:00Copy video clip URL “Circus’s Comin'” produced by Robert Sbarge for International Film Bureau, Inc. (1964). Studs Terkel narrates this nostalgic look at the circus. The images consist of elaborate figurine setups depicting circus scenes.

14:00Copy video clip URL Studs’ Place: Turning 40 (1951) produced by Charlie Andrews. In this episode Studs is depressed because he is about to turn 40 years old. Meanwhile, Studs’ friends manage to nominate him for President of the Near Northwest Side Boosters Club. Features a musical performance by Chet Roble.

41:59Copy video clip URL Studs’ Place: Jimmy Romano is Home (1951?) produced by Charlie Andrews. A neighborhood kid comes back from college on the East Coast and suffers embarrassment with his working class roots. Eventually he realizes the people in his neighborhood are not as talent-less as he thinks. Features musical performances by Chet Roble and Win Stracke.



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