[Yummy follow-up]

Andrew Jones goes to several places involved in the Sandifer/ Shevon Dean incident and examines the aftermath of said incident. He also talks with a policymaker about the issue.

0:00Copy video clip URL Jones takes us to the site of Shavon Dean’s death and does monologue about his feelings coming back to the area months after he covered the story.

1:25Copy video clip URL Jones goes to the site of Robert Sandifer’s death and talks about the emotional challenges he faced while covering the story.

5:05Copy video clip URL Jones talks to the father of the Hardaway brothers, who were charged with the murder of Robert Sandifer. He also shoots cutaways of the house.

7:47Copy video clip URL Jones talks to Ralph Burlingham about the effect of Sandifer’s death on legislation and about the problem of youth crime.

13:00Copy video clip URL Jones shoots Burlingham’s secretary and asks her what she’d like to see on television.

14:21Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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