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  • Chicago Slices, episode 9311

    Chicago Slices, episode 9311

    Episode 9311 of the show featuring everyday Chicagoans.

  • Bookmark, episode 203

    Bookmark, episode 203

    Host Lewis Lapham conducts a round table discussion with oral historian Studs Terkel and author Paul Fussell on the subject of World War II. Fussell had just written a book about WWII entitled Wartime.

  • Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

    Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

    The Glenview Community Church Adult Education Board presents Studs Terkel speaking about his new book Will the Circle Be Unbroken? featuring “reflections on death, rebirth, and hunger for faith.” Terkel speaks to a packed church in Glenview, IL.

  • [The Nation panel: The Nader Factor]

    [The Nation panel: The Nader Factor]

    A videotape of a live panel discussing the effect Ralph Nader had on the 2000 presidential election. The whole event appears to be taking place on a several day-long cruise. The moderator was Victor Navasky, publisher of The Nation. The panel was comprised of journalist Eric Alterman, historian and author Larry Goodwyn, political commentator Molly Ivins, radio DJ and author Studs Terkel, and law critic and The Nation columnist Patricia Williams.

  • [Studs Terkel at St. Ignatius College Prep]

    [Studs Terkel at St. Ignatius College Prep]

    Studs Terkel speaking at St. Ignatius College Prep in February of 2000. Terkel discusses a variety of topics including: the general lack of historical knowledge among many young Americans and his days in early Chicago television and radio. Terkel takes a number of questions from the audience as well. The audio is poor throughout the entire video.

  • [Studs On A Soapbox raw: Mirko #1]

    [Studs On A Soapbox raw: Mirko #1]

    Raw footage of an interview for the program “Studs On A Soapbox.” Tom Weinberg interviews Studs Terkel on his back porch at his residence in Chicago. The two discuss a variety of subjects including but not limited to: Terkel’s early days in Chicago, Terkel’s driving work ethic, author Nelson Algren, and Terkel’s current projects at the time.

  • Steel Mill 2

    Raw footage from Studs Terkel at the Steel Mill by The Public Interest Video Network. Terkel interviews steel mill workers about Reagan’s policies (“What does Ronald Reagan mean to you?”) and the low level of employment at the mill. Also b-roll of the plant.

  • [Vito Marzullo raw #10]

    [Vito Marzullo raw #10]

    Raw tape #10 for Vito Marzullo documentary. “Graffiti Erasers.” Weinberg and Marzullo continue discussing the ward’s ad books. After that, a man comes in who wants Marzullo’s help in starting a graffiti cleanup program, but his story has a few inconsistencies and Marzullo doesn’t buy it. The man completely loses control over his emotions after being rejected and leaves the office in tears.

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