John Coady #1

This is a video of John Coady, of WBBM news radio 78, walking the viewer through a day in his work life specifically how he sets up pieces, puts them together, records them, and eventually airs them. He interviews Judge Aspen about the federal shutdown that took place in January of 1996.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on Tom Weinberg and John Coady who begins talking about the station and the segment he’s working on about the federal shutdown. Another man, Sherman Caplain their restaurant critic, comes into the shot and asks for his face not to be shown, he leaves after chatting for a bit. Coady starts a tour of their office. It seems to be the Chicago office of CBS. Coady reports for WBBM news radio 78.

18:40Copy video clip URL They enter a car and go to the Dirkson federal building. They talk about the romance of radio and how the business has changed and stayed the same over Coady’s career. They then go to a judge’s office to complete an interview for radio. They talk about the difference between TV and radio and how people can be more outgoing on radio because people feel like they are less in the spotlight.

32:52Copy video clip URL Coady begins interviewing Judge Aspen about some financial aspects of the court and how salaries work in the court system during the budget crisis and how the budget crisis (of 1996) affects them. Aspen talks about how they would cut back on trials and security guards if the budget crisis wasn’t resolved. He talks about how he has no more information than the average person on the street.

39:01Copy video clip URL The interview ends and Coady and the camera exit the building. He talks about how he chooses his quotes. Once they return to Coady’s office they begin listening to the interview again and picking out the segments.

1:01:04Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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