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  • Farewell to the Ultimate Cool Gent, Herb Kent

    Farewell to the Ultimate Cool Gent, Herb Kent

    Renowned giant of Chicago radio and larger than life personality Herb Kent died last Saturday, October 22, at the age of 88. Known as the “mayor of Bronzeville,” he grew up in the Ida B. Wells housing project and attended Hyde Park High School. Arguably, Kent‘s most influential position was from 1962 to 1970 at Chicago’s WVON. The station was and is an integral part of Chicago’s black community. Kent kept his thumb on the pulse of the community and was a … Continue reading

  • Tom Joyner at Regal #3

    Tom Joyner at Regal #3

    This is the final video of the live radio broadcast of the Tom Joyner Morning Show from the Regal Theater in Chicago. Continue reading

  • WMVP


    Skip Blumberg visits the WMVP radio station and talks to two of the hosts there, while they broadcast, for the TV show Radio Faces. There is also a clip at the beginning of Chet doing a segment for Radio Faces. Continue reading

  • TJ + Wild Bill #2

    TJ + Wild Bill #2

    A continuation of the live broadcast continued in a previous tape. Part of the tape is an astrologist named Irene giving advice over the air. Continue reading

  • John Coady #1

    John Coady #1

    This is a video of John Coady, of WBBM news radio 78, walking the viewer through a day in his work life specifically how he sets up pieces, puts them together, records them, and eventually airs them. He interviews Judge Aspen about the federal shutdown that took place in January of 1996. Continue reading

  • 94.7 Kicks Country #1

    94.7 Kicks Country #1

    A videographer for the television show Radio Faces visits the grand opening broadcast of the new station, 94.7 Kicks Country. Most of the tape consists of video of Nancy Turner, a woman who has been involved in Chicago Country Radio since 1977. Continue reading

  • TJ + Wild Bill #3

    TJ + Wild Bill #3

    Continuation of the live broadcast of the TJ and Wild Bill show on B96 as begun in a previous tape. Irene, an astrologist, continues to make predictions over the air. Continue reading

  • Riverside Pictures

    Riverside Pictures

    Ice-fishing, radio, guy with camera Continue reading