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  • John Coady #2

    John Coady #2

    WBBM News

  • 94.7 Kicks Country #2

    94.7 Kicks Country #2

    Interview with Nancy Turner and Gregg Lindahl of 94.7 Kicks Country on the opening day of said station. These interviews were for the TV show Radio Faces and were conducted by Tom Weinberg.

  • TJ + Wild Bill #3

    TJ + Wild Bill #3

    Continuation of the live broadcast of the TJ and Wild Bill show on B96 as begun in a previous tape. Irene, an astrologist, continues to make predictions over the air.

  • [Radio Faces raw: Harry + Spike #3]

    [Radio Faces raw: Harry + Spike #3]

    Harry and Spike, the hosts of a late night show on WMVP, interview several people on their show including Steve Maltay and Bob Halbrook, the coach of the UIC Flames

  • [Chet Chit Chat Intro for Radio Faces]

    [Chet Chit Chat Intro for Radio Faces]

    Chicago broadcasting legend Bruce Wolf does several takes of an introduction for the TV show Radio Faces playing his Chet Chit Chat character that was featured on WLUP radio. Chet Chit Chat was a caricature of Chicago sportscasters Chet Coppock, Chuck Swirsky, and Red Rush.

  • Ed Schwartz #1

    Ed Schwartz #1

    This is film of two radio broadcasts by Ed Schwartz, one as a guest and the other on his own show on The Loop FM. This was filmed for the TV show Radio Faces.

  • Harry + Spike #4

    Harry + Spike #4

    Footage of the Harry and Spike radio broadcast from WMVP. Continuation of previous tapes.

  • B96, TJ, Wild Bill #1

    B96, TJ, Wild Bill #1

    B96 Radio gives away concert tickets to the people brave enough to drink the disgusting milkshakes that they make.

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