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  • Robyn Smith #3

    Robyn Smith #3

    In this part of an interview with renowned jockey Robyn Smith, the details of her personal and professional life are explored further as she compares her present time in retirement with her horse racing past. Smith discusses the rigorous and solitary daily routine of her time as a jockey, as well as her adjustment into retired life, giving more in-depth analysis of the beginnings of her career, her aversion to the press, and the people that have helped her along the way. Continue reading

  • The Algren Chronicles: Somebody’s Street Fair

    The Algren Chronicles: Somebody’s Street Fair

    A documentary about author Nelson Algren. In the piece, various artists, journalists, and writers speak about Algren’s life, his literary work, and the importance of his writings in Chicago. Also features many photographs by Stephen Deutch and Art Shay. Continue reading

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Wanda And Lilli #3]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Wanda And Lilli #3]

    Wanda McLenighan & Lilian Bender: two eighty-something women who share their opinions on various topics, including their lifelong friendship. Valjean McLenighan interviews Wanda and Lili in her backyard and in Lincoln Park. They get Perogi’s, tour the old neighborhood, have tea and discuss their lives and experiences. Continue reading

  • Bill Veeck’s Back in Town

    Bill Veeck’s Back in Town

    Dave Nightingale interviews Bill Veeck, 1976. Continue reading

  • Sports Century: Bill Veeck

    Sports Century: Bill Veeck

    A recording of the ESPN Classic program, “Sports Century.” This episode is a documentary about Bill Veeck, former owner of several baseball teams, including the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox. The documentary is mainly comprised of interviews with family, friends, and colleagues of Veeck, along with narration over still photos, period interviews, and newsreel footage. Continue reading

  • Robyn Smith #4

    Robyn Smith #4

    B-roll of Robyn Smith walking from the horse stables of a racetrack onto the track itself and back to the stables. Continue reading

  • [Abbie Hoffman raw #1]

    [Abbie Hoffman raw #1]

    An interview with political activist Abbie Hoffman at the Chicago Amphitheater on the 20th anniversary of 1968 Democratic National Convention. In the interview, Hoffman talks about the complicating aspects of activism, the applications used to promote and spread messages to wider audiences, and the media’s effect on American daily life. Continue reading