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  • Image Union, episode 0426

    Image Union, episode 0426

    An episode of Image Union featuring the work “One Sturdy String” by Mirko Popadic. A history of traditional Serbian music. Some footage from Popadic’s “Serbian Wedding” tape. We see the different ways Serbian Chicagoans incorporate this music into their lives, from extremely traditional performances to weddings to rock interpretations. We see footage of the Kapugi brothers playing the tamburitza. There is a lot of talk about the happiness produced by Serbian music and about the ways it combines with American music. Followed by “Studs Terkel at the Steel Mill” featuring Studs Terkel interviewing steel worker and organizer Alice Peurala.

  • Image Union, episode 0629: West Bank

    Image Union, episode 0629: West Bank

    An episode of the independent film and video showcase, Image Union, featuring “West Bank: Whose Promised Land?” by Esti Galili Marpet. A documentary about struggle between Israelis and Arabs in the Israeli occupied West Bank, a strip of land that has been a longtime subject of violent dispute. Includes interviews with several Israeli soldiers and settlers, several Palestinians, and several peace activists.

  • Image Union, episode 0818

    Image Union, episode 0818

    Black and white film documenting a rapidly fading Jewish community in rural Romania. The film is treated like a diary piece with the photographer recounting his experiences living in the village in voiceover while we see images of daily life and of the elderly people who make up the town.

  • Turning of the Centuries II: Inheriting the Past, Building a Future

    Turning of the Centuries II: Inheriting the Past, Building a Future

    From a conference entitled “Turning of the Centuries II: Inheriting the Past, Building a Future,” held at Chicago State University in March 2001. Studs Terkel, the legendary Chicago author and broadcaster, gives the keynote address. In it, he shares his experiences on the topic of race relations, peppering his talk with colorful anecdotes and taking a variety of questions from his listeners.

  • Say Brother, episode 2412: Moscow Black & White

    Say Brother, episode 2412: Moscow Black & White

    A documentary examining the lives of Black people living in Russia, many of whom are African students studying at Moscow universities.

  • [Selects from American Music Festival]

    Selects of bluegrass music and interviews from the American Music Festival.

  • La Arepa – El Trompo

    La Arepa – El Trompo

    Color video documentary in Spanish with English subtitles. The documentary is composed of two segments, the first about the arepa, a food made from fried cornmeal that is a major part of the cultural history of the Antioquia region in Colombia. It is eaten at every meal by people in the region. The second segment, “El Trompo,” focuses on toy spinning tops in Columbia. People appreciate the top because it is common to many cultures and has the ability to unite generations under one skill set. We see a lot of footage of top experts and hear their opinions about the toy’s enduring significance. This tape documents a moment of cultural change for this region of Columbia, poised at a moment when it is still unclear how modernization is going to mesh with tradition.

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