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  • Common Ground

    Common Ground

    An episode of the show “Common Ground,” hosted by Warner Saunders with guest Studs Terkel. They discuss social issues, pitting Terkel’s optimism against Saunders’ realism.

  • [Dub of smoking and drinking show]

    0:00 Black.

  • Watch It!, episode 101-2

    Watch It!, episode 101-2

    An episode of “Watch It!” featuring video segments that touch upon racial issues, CamNet, music, and more.

  • The 90’s, episode 111: Conspiracies

    The 90’s, episode 111: Conspiracies

    Episode 111 of the award-winning TV series The 90’s. This episode is called “CONSPIRACIES” and features the following segments:

  • Dawn Loves A Murderer

    Dawn Loves A Murderer

    Documentary about the relationship between convicted serial killer Lemuel Smith and Dawn Langley Simmons, and Smith’s murder trial, during which he was defended by William Kunstler.

  • Steel Mill Blues

    Steel Mill Blues

    In front of the U.S. Steel South Works in South Chicago, Studs Terkel talks to Alice Peurala about the troubles steel mill workers are facing and the negative impact of Reagan’s presidency on working people. Terkel likens the current situation at the mill to the situation during the Great Depression. Peurala stresses solidarity for the workers and predicts disaster for the country if workers are further and further disadvantaged by Reagan’s policies.

  • [Seeds And Nails demo]

    A 5-minute documentary and two short commercials urging donations for the Honduran victims of Hurricane Mitch. Followed by some raw footage of the devastation wreaked by the hurricane.

  • Watch It!, episode 103-2

    Watch It!, episode 103-2

    An episode of “Watch It!” featuring segments mostly concerning sex and love. Includes a melodrama about AIDs, elderly couples talking about their sex lives, a sneak preview for a play called “What’s This In My Coke?”, and more.

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