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  • Image Union, episode 0015: Commercial World

    Image Union, episode 0015: Commercial World

    Work by Chicago commercial filmmakers. There is a mix of actual commercials, parodies, and regular films. Works include “The Honeymooners” by Goldsholl Associates, “Four Commercials” by Paul Chen, “The Ritz Newsiola” by Siporin Film Productions, and “American School for Stuntmen” by Michael K. Goi.

  • Image Union, episode 0001

    Image Union, episode 0001

    Hour long compilation episode of Image Union featuring “TV Magic Ballots” by Nate Herman and Warren Leming, “Assassins” with Joe Mantegna and Jack Wallace, “Chicago Blues” by Jim Passin and Nancy Grosse, work from Jane Veeder, excerpts from “Now We Live On Clifton” by Kartemquin Films, stopmotion animation, an interview by “My Sister’s Cutting Room” during a dog’s birthday party, and “The Bums” by Scott Jacobs and Valjean McLenighan 1976.

    The second half of the episode features “Electronic Masks” by Barbara Sykes, an excerpt from “Paper Roses” by Maxi Cohen and Joel Gold, and “Television Delivers People” by Richard Serra and Carlota Fay Schoolman.

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