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  • [WBBM 1978 guns/crime b-roll tape]

    [WBBM 1978 guns/crime b-roll tape]

    B-roll footage shot by WBBM between October and December 1978 to accompany these stories: Gambling Raids, Uptown Shooting, Gun Raid, Florida Silencers, and Jack Louis Bail Bonds Out. Followed by some of a Walter Cronkite report called “The Meat ‘Yellow Sheet.'”

  • This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 08: Stories About Policemen

    This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 08: Stories About Policemen

    Three monologues about encounters with authority figures, delivered in intense close-up. Each of the performers wears headphones and hears his own voice delayed and filtered by a “harmonizer” manipulated by a crew member. The performers occasionally struggle to keep a train of thought, distracted by these distorted echoes in the headphones.

    Juan Luco recounts his run-ins with an authoritarian soccer coach; Joe Winston relates his arrest and strip-search as a suspected terrorist bomber (these were more innocent times!) and John Harriman remembers his high school days as a casual thief, breaking into people’s homes – and getting caught. AIR DATES: March 19, 26, 1990

  • [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini raw #3]

    [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini raw #3]

    Raw video from inside the Chicago Police Department’s 18th District station after protesters at Jane Byrne’s Cabrini Green Easter celebration were arrested. The video features a group of lawyers speaking with police officers in order to get their facts straight. The last four minutes of video feature a short segment of the Jesse White Tumblers and a short segment from a street festival.

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