[WBBM 1978 guns/crime b-roll tape]

B-roll footage shot by WBBM between October and December 1978 to accompany these stories: Gambling Raids, Uptown Shooting, Gun Raid, Florida Silencers, and Jack Louis Bail Bonds Out. Followed by some of a Walter Cronkite report called "The Meat 'Yellow Sheet.'"

00:05Copy video clip URL Color bars. Black.

1:59Copy video clip URL B-roll for “Gambling Raid, Cicero, John Manzella, 11/16/78.” Footage of a perp walk through a police station. Many of the men cover their faces.

3:18Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

4:01Copy video clip URL B-roll for “Gambling Raid, Chris Saratella, Frankie Renella, 10/19/78.” Another perp walk. One of the men makes a silly face at the camera.

6:06Copy video clip URL Footage of money and playing cards confiscated by the police. Men sitting in the police station.

6:42Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

6:59Copy video clip URL B-roll for “Uptown Shooting, Police Activity/Blood, 10/19/78.” Footage of gas station signs selling gas for 67 cents. Sirens, footage of a group of police officers arresting someone on the street and putting him in a paddy wagon, which drives away.

8:34Copy video clip URL Exterior Windsor Package Liquors and Tap Room.

8:43Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

9:00Copy video clip URL B-roll for “Gun Raid (Guns, Explosives, Drugs), 11/17/78.” Footage of confiscated guns, bullets, explosives, and drugs in the police station.

11:17Copy video clip URL A person empties some of the content of a small envelope into his hands, presumably marijuana.

11:30Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

12:01Copy video clip URL B-roll for “Florida’s Silencers Raid, 30 WJVJ Miami, 11/30/78.” Film footage of confiscated guns, ammunition, and silencers.

12:32Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

12:34Copy video clip URL B-roll of “Jack Louis Bail Bonds Out, 12/11/78.” Footage of the inside of a police station, then a man in a suit with his lawyer signs the forms to be released from jail.

14:25Copy video clip URL The man raises his right hand and agrees to something under oath.

15:25Copy video clip URL While waiting for the elevator, Jack is asked whether he has a comment on the allegations, and his lawyer responds that he does not.

16:09Copy video clip URL Cut to the middle of a finished news report called “The Meat ‘Yellow Sheet,'” from 12/11/78. Walter Cronkite reports on how the price of meat how it is set by an industry publication known as the The Yellow Sheet.

20:56Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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