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  • US99 #1

    US99 #1

    Skip Blumberg and Tom Weinberg visit the US 99 studio in Chicago to interview their program director and one of their DJs, Big John, for the TV show Radio Faces

  • US99 #2

    US99 #2

    Continuation of a previous tape. Tom Weinberg and Skip Blumberg talk to Big John, a DJ for US 99 radio in Chicago, about his job.

  • 94.7 Kicks Country #1

    94.7 Kicks Country #1

    A videographer for the television show Radio Faces visits the grand opening broadcast of the new station, 94.7 Kicks Country. Most of the tape consists of video of Nancy Turner, a woman who has been involved in Chicago Country Radio since 1977.

  • 94.7 Kicks Country #2

    94.7 Kicks Country #2

    Interview with Nancy Turner and Gregg Lindahl of 94.7 Kicks Country on the opening day of said station. These interviews were for the TV show Radio Faces and were conducted by Tom Weinberg.

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