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  • Image Union, episode 1112

    Image Union, episode 1112

    Compilation episode from Image Union featuring six videos. Videographers include Marcy Lynn, Maggie Annerio and Suzanne Zach, Barbara Freeman Bell, Stan Hughes, Blair Holmes, and D.A. Pennebaker. The focus of the videos vary between experimental, animation, and documentary.

  • Image Union, episode 0537

    Image Union, episode 0537

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring a collection of music videos and comedy sketches all made by Roger Bain. The collection is called The Barking Gecko Video Review.

  • Pop Video Test: Potpourri, parts 1 and 2

    Pop Video Test: Potpourri, parts 1 and 2

    “The Pop Video Test” was a joint effort between Scott Jacobs and Tom Weinberg of the Chicago Editing Center, and the Video Group of the Bell and Howell Corporation. This cooperative effort between the independent video community and a corporate video distributor was intended to test the viability of the home video market. The videomakers assembled ten hours of video pieces meant as an alternative to available pre-recorded programming (ie Hollywood movies). Fifty VCR owners in the Chicago area agreed to examine and review the tapes. Test viewers then received the programming two hours at a time, in groupings labeled Video Art, Documentary, Entertainment, and Potpourri.

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