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  • 10/25/12: TVTV at Conversations at the Edge

    10/25/12: TVTV at Conversations at the Edge

    October 25- TVTV: FOUR MORE YEARS Thursday, October 25, 6 p.m. | Gene Siskel Film Center | 164 N. State St. Allen Rucker and Tom Weinberg in person! Video collective TVTV defined the radical video documentary movement of the 1970s. Four More Years (1972) is an iconoclastic view of the American electoral process, captured through TVTV’s irreverent, candid coverage of Richard Nixon’s 1972 presidential campaign and the Republican Convention in Miami. While network cameras focused on the orchestrated re-nomination of Richard […]

  • [TVTV on WTTW Channel 11]

    [TVTV on WTTW Channel 11]

    This video contains an off the air recording of the February 1973 WTTW-Chicago broadcast of the TVTV documentaries “Four More Years” and “World’s Largest TV Studio.” The majority of the TVTV programs are skipped–the focus of this tape is on the way WTTW chose to present the programs rather than the programs themselves. Following the programs, Marty Robinson interviews TVTV representatives Tom Weinberg and Anda Korsts about the production. 

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