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  • Chicago Stories: Lois Weisberg

    This WTTW program hosted by John Callaway looks at the life and work of Lois Weisberg (1925-2016), former Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

  • Why people don’t vote

    Why people don’t vote

    It’s likely that millions of eligible voters will choose not to go to the polls next Tuesday. In 2008, voter turnout was estimated at only 63%, and that was the highest since 1960. Trying to understand the reasons for this American phenomenon, John Callaway and Tom Weinberg interviewed non-voters from around the country in 1996. As our videos so often do, it still rings true today. Watch the full documentary None of the Above.

  • [Bill Veeck on books]

    [Bill Veeck on books]

    John Callaway and Bill Veeck sit at 57th Street Beach in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood and discuss book recommendations for summer reading. However, most of the segment is taken up by listing the books displayed in the windows of prominent bookstores, and Veeck gets little time to share his thoughts.

  • John Callaway interviews: Armand Hammer

    John Callaway interviews: Armand Hammer

    John Callaway interviews entrepreneur and chairman of Occidental Petroleum Armand Hammer in February of 1981. The interview goes in depth into Hammer’s childhood, his many business ventures, as well as controversial political policies of the time with the Soviet Union.

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