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  • Rostenkowski on Politics 101

    Rostenkowski on Politics 101

    “The game is compromise. That’s politics.” -Dan Rostenkowski This month The Atlantic published an article titled “How American Politics Went Insane,” diagnosing the cause of the pervasive political disintegration in Washington, D.C. as “chaos syndrome.” Joining the choir of complaints about the chaos undermining American politics, the author, Jonathan Rauch, offers a new tune: “Our most pressing political problem today is that the country abandoned the establishment, not the other way around.” Rauch contends that in the course of reforming […]

  • [Tom Weinberg video for Silver Circle Award]

    [Tom Weinberg video for Silver Circle Award]

    Short highlight reel of Tom Weinberg’s career for his Silver Circle Award presented by the Chicago / Midwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

  • Rostenkowski


    This 1981 documentary creates a revealing portrait of Dan Rostenkowski, Chicago’s most important Congressman in Washington, at the time when he first became Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. It demonstrates the style and deep-rooted network of politics in Washington and Chicago, the colorful man himself, and his contemporaries. “The Chairman” was at the height of his power when this documentary was produced, a over a decade before Rostenkowski was indicted, convicted and sent to Federal prison. It shows the inner workings of Congress and politics from the point of view of a genuine insider… the phone calls, relationships, and processes that run this country.

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