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  • [Bill Gandall #1]

    [Bill Gandall #1]

    DeeDee Halleck interviews peace activist and Spanish Civil War veteran William “Wild Bill” Gandall.

  • [Aaron Hilkevitch interview]

    [Aaron Hilkevitch interview]

    Aaron Hilkevitch (1912-2008) was a Chicago-area psychiatrist and the last surviving member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade that fought in the Spanish Civil War. In this 45-minute clip, he discusses his experiences in Spain and elsewhere with in a lively talk with several women, including his second wife.

  • [The 90s Election Specials raw: John Rossen #2]

    [The 90s Election Specials raw: John Rossen #2]

    Raw footage continues from tape 10525 of a interview conducted for “The 90’s” with John Rossen, a Spanish Civil War veteran, former Communist Party member, and now editor of The New Patriot, a left-wing newspaper published in Chicago.

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