[4/01 – The Bart Hawley Show in Chicago – Blue Chicago + Barry Dolins Iview]

An episode of the Bart Hawley Show that explores Blues in Chicago with a performance by Willie Kent and an interview with Barry Dolins.

00:00Copy video clip URL Title Card and opening credits.

02:27Copy video clip URL Bart Hawley’s interview with Patrick McCoy about Chicago Blues and his store’s location and events. “Chicago is the worldwide home of the blues…we don’t hire any bands outside of the city” he says. 

12:22Copy video clip URL Hawley’s interview with musician Willie Kent about his career playing the Blues and his life. Kent like to improvise while playing and “go a little old school…to do what you’re doing, you gotta feel what you’re doing.”

17:55Copy video clip URL Introduction to Kent’s performance and a reminder to tip the club’s staff.

18:58Copy video clip URL Willie Kent performs the Blues with his band. Footage of the crowd shown.

24:26Copy video clip URL Footage of photographs of Blues musicians that hang in the club.

24:48Copy video clip URL Hawley interviews Barry Dolins. They discuss the movement of Blues music to Chicago from Memphis and the upcoming Chicago Blues festival. “[The festival’s] done tributes to Muddy Waters and all the Blues legends,” he says.

28:35Copy video clip URL Interview audio continues to play over more footage of the musician photographs.

28:53Copy video clip URL More footage of Willie Kent’s performance at Blue Chicago.

30:56Copy video clip URL End Credits.



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