[9/11 impact on Sears Tower employees]

Brief news clip covering the effects of 9/11 on Chicago.

0:07Copy video clip URL Open with shot of Chicago skyline over Lake Michigan. Voice over from Elizabeth Brackett talks about skyscrapers in Chicago. People talk about their thoughts on the Sears Tower after the events of 9/11.

0:40Copy video clip URL Brackett talks about the evacuation of the building during 9/11, and another evacuation a week later after reports of a plane hijacking. Employees talk about the measures put in place to make them feel safer and make the building more secure.

1:38Copy video clip URL A building manager talks about businesses who are considering moving from the building.

1:56Copy video clip URL Footage shows the increased security around the city while Brackett comments on what security changes have been made since 9/11. Chicago residents talk about how their feelings about the city have changed.

2:20Copy video clip URL Brackett talks about increased security around the water treatment plant, nuclear power facilities, and Fermilab.

3:05Copy video clip URL Judy Jackson, spokesperson for Fermilab, talks about how disappointed she is that people will not get to see their new exhibit due to the barring of visitors from the facility. Another exhibit at the Art Institute did open, but had few visitors.

3:45Copy video clip URL Brackett talks about the pervasive fear of flying as evidenced by O’Hare’s low passenger numbers.

4:08Copy video clip URL More about the low attendance at attractions around Chicago. Visitors talk about their appreciation for the increased security, and their desire to show support and continue on with their lives.



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