American Revolution II: Right On

0:00Copy video clip URL “American Revolution II: Right On.” Meeting of residents of Uptown with members of the Black Panther party.

0:35Copy video clip URL Southern man, leader of Young Patriots, introduces Black Panther Bob Lee to speak to a group of people.

1:05Copy video clip URL Lee introduces himself and explains that the Panthers want to help the people of Uptown because they face similar problems to the Panthers on the South and West sides of Chicago.

3:20Copy video clip URL People from both groups talk about helping each other take care of the Uptown neighborhood. Lee claims that poverty is the thing that unites people of both races and all areas in Chicago.

5:20Copy video clip URL Woman relates story of how her brother was attacked by the police.

5:50Copy video clip URL People complain of maltreatment by the police and by landlords and speak about their desire to take action.

9:00Copy video clip URL Man speaks about how the landlords are trying to push the residents out of the neighborhood. Man speaks about the need to take control of the community.

10:00Copy video clip URL Meeting ends and people make plans to meet again on Monday.

10:10Copy video clip URL Next meeting with council members. Man demands citizen participation. Crowd cheers to prevent council from being able to vote as council member tries to get room in order.

12:45Copy video clip URL Council members argue about how to proceed against the crowd.

13:20Copy video clip URL Council members try to adjourn meeting as Young Patriot leader tries to keep the meeting going. He asks people to speak quickly before the cops come to break up the meeting.

14:00Copy video clip URL Police sergeant arrives and Lee speaks to him about arranging a meeting between the people of Uptown and the police department about police harassment and brutality.

14:50Copy video clip URL Meeting is set for the next Monday night with the police.

15:15Copy video clip URL Young Patriot leader speaks at next meeting to begin discussion between police and residents.

16:15Copy video clip URL Lee calls people up to the front to speak about their experiences with the police.

17:30Copy video clip URL Sergeant responds to discussion. He claims he knows just as much about poverty as them and urges them to maintain a civil meeting.

18:00Copy video clip URL Lee recounts how he and a few friends were detained for a few hours when they were just walking on the street.

18:25Copy video clip URL Police responds that police are prejudiced against people dressed a certain way. He claims that people need to know the background because the police may have been searching for criminals that fit their description.

19:35Copy video clip URL Man claims that the Red Squad has observed every meeting they have had.

19:45Copy video clip URL Police claims that the Red Squad presence is just the same as that of the filmmakers making the tape.

20:25Copy video clip URL Young Patriot leader shows button that was removed off man by police.

21:00Copy video clip URL 16-year old claims he was randomly arrested and beaten by police and threatened with death if he tells what happened to him. He requests 24-hour surveillance to protect him from the police. He claims he was arrested because he was in the home of a homosexual.

23:00Copy video clip URL Lee says that anyone who is harassed by the police should take down the officer’s badge number and report it to him, who will pass on info to sergeant.

23:40Copy video clip URL Sergeant claims that Communists plague the neighborhoods.

24:50Copy video clip URL Sergeant claims that poor neighborhoods are especially prone to harboring Communists.

25:10Copy video clip URL Member of the Young Patriots claims that they are angry because police have randomly attacked poor people.

26:35Copy video clip URL Group convenes after meeting to discuss how honest they think the police were being. The group was not very satisfied with the meeting. They claim they need to build numbers for their cause.

28:15Copy video clip URL People argue about the type of action to take while screen shows statues of angels and graveyards. Some people demand violent action while others vehemently refuse. The end.

30:15Copy video clip URL Commercial for grape soda.

30:25Copy video clip URL Girl and boy dance to rock and roll music as man advertises record of dance music.

32:15Copy video clip URL Bill Stearns advertises community in Cape Coral Florida.

33:10Copy video clip URL Man plays grand piano and sings folk songs.

37:30Copy video clip URL WTTW Channel 11 title.

37:45Copy video clip URL “Auction ’78.” Donated items are auctioned to raise money for Channel 11. Hosted by a very young Bob Sirott.

59:47Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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