[Blanda clips from “Think Win”]

Clips from a film starring former football player George Blanda called "Think Win." Blanda relates his principles of success in football to success in business through clips of his days as a quarterback and placekicker in the NFL. He explains that his experience in business early in his career is what gave him the drive and work ethic to become one of the top players in the league.

00:00Copy video clip URL George Blanda begins speaking, stating that success in both of his careers can be summed up in 2 words: “Think Win.”

00:14Copy video clip URL B-roll of various football games Blanda has played in, leading into the opening credits.

00:52Copy video clip URL Blanda, standing in front of a freeze frame of himself, relates his experience in football to his experience in business. “You build up to those final seconds, and then you ask the question that’s going to tell you whether or not you’ve won.”

00:59Copy video clip URL Slow-motion b-roll clips of Blanda throwing successful passes to his teammate.

01:20Copy video clip URL The clip of Blanda’s pass is inserted into the corner of the screen, as Blanda, wearing a suit and tie, comes into view and tells about how all of the training he had done in his early days  as a salesman helped him become a better football player.

01:33Copy video clip URL Blanda narrates over a clip of himself throwing a successful pass, reflecting on how thinking of football as a “job” helped him become a better player. “Once I knew what I was doing, why I was doing it, and how to do it better every day, I really started to grow.”

01:45Copy video clip URL Blanda begins to explain the idea of “bouncing back” as related to business, and how it happened to him as a football player.

01:52Copy video clip URL B-roll of Blanda getting sacked by defensemen and missing a field goal. He explains that making mistakes in business is much like making mistakes in a football game; though everything may not go perfectly at all times, it is important to be resilient and work harder the next time. This is followed by footage of Blanda throwing a touchdown pass to a receiver.

02:28Copy video clip URL A tight, close-up shot of Blanda asking the interviewer the question, “How long do you think either of us would have lasted in the NFL if we wouldn’t have disciplined ourselves?”

02:33Copy video clip URL B-roll of Blanda practicing with his teammates and more passes and field goals. Blanda posits that even though one may not agree with the rules or rule-makers at every point in time, they can actually help a person become  successful by forcing them to develop steady work habits to be prepared for what comes next.

03:11Copy video clip URL Blanda recaps his main points, relating them from football to business over b-roll of various team wins and celebrations. “If you learn good habits early in your career, and you practice them faithfully, and you never lose sight of that ultimate goal, victory, then you can discipline yourself so that you can achieve that victory.

03:33Copy video clip URL Blanda attempts to prove that the points he’s discussed are valid, relating them to both of his careers.

03:40Copy video clip URL Speaking over b-roll of successful touchdown passes, Blanda explains that the only way to prove that his principles of success work is to put them to use. “There’s really only one thing that proves how good you are, in football or  in sales. All the preparation, all the knowledge and experience, all the things that have brought you to this moment in time only pay off if you can come through in those final seconds.

04:42Copy video clip URL Over a shot of a field goal being kicked, Blanda asks the question, “Are you a salesman? Prove it.” The frame freezes on the ball in the air before it gets to the goal posts, at which point a phone exchange scene between Blanda and a “client”  is played. When the client tells Blanda that he’s “got the order”, the frame unfreezes and the football goes through the uprights.

05:03Copy video clip URL As Blanda goes to hand off a pass to a teammate, the frame freezes and the credits roll.

05:13Copy video clip URL Color bars.



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