Bruiser #2

00:00Copy video clip URL This is the continuation of an interview with former professional wrestler and football player Dick The Bruiser.

02:17Copy video clip URL The Bruiser talks about how he rarely goes out. He has a wheat allergy, so he doesn’t drink beer.

03:40Copy video clip URL He talks about why professional wrestling is often ignored by the sports writers. “All sports editors are old drunks. They’ve never liked to indulge in wrestling because they’re jealous that the wrestlers make money” without needing the sports writers to mention them.

05:40Copy video clip URL He talks about how wrestling is the oldest sport.

06:35Copy video clip URL He says he’s oblivious to the crowd once the bell rings.

07:30Copy video clip URL He says he’s endured a lot of injuries, but he never missed a match. He’s never been hurt to the point that he does not enjoy wrestling.

11:00Copy video clip URL He mocks athletes in other sports for not putting themselves at risk. He thinks hockey players wear too many pads.

12:15Copy video clip URL “You gotta have a certain amount of showmanship or no one’s going to come watch.” He compares showmanship in wrestling to slam-dunking in basketball. It’s not part of the game, but it’s important.

13:40Copy video clip URL He says Chicago is a good city for wrestling.

14:08Copy video clip URL He says professional wrestling is very clean compared to other sports, in terms of drug and alcohol use. He’s against all kinds of pills–steroids especially, but also cortizones. He says if the theatrics are overdone, the athletes are on some kind of drug.

15:40Copy video clip URL He talks about his family, his children and grandchildren.

17:00Copy video clip URL He shares his schedule for the week. He has a lot to do and travels a lot. He does not believe in working or wrestling on Sunday. He’s booked at least six months in advance.

19:30Copy video clip URL There are few people from when he started who are still wrestling.

20:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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